The Many Faces of Kaylee

Many of you know that we have 5 furbabies at our home that we love and adore, and they each have their own unique personalities.  From territorial and hyper Camelot, to laid back and cross-eyed Lazarus, each of our babies brings something different to our household.

The same can be said about our female St. Bernard, Kaylee.  Kaylee was the third animal that Steve and I adopted as a couple, and the first dog (our kitties Lacey and Fancy were our first “babies”).  We brought her home at 8 weeks of age, and she could not be cuter!


This is Kaylee’s “happy face”.  This is the face she makes when she’s happy or excited, or when she’s posing for a picture like this.  Normally I can’t get her to look at the camera, but today for some reason, she didn’t mind the photo shoot.  I think it’s because we let her come into the bonus room with us where she’s not normally allowed.


This is Kaylee’s “burping face”.  Oh yes, I took this picture while she was burping.  It was just luck that I happened to be pointing my camera at her when she let that loveliness out.  She makes this face every time she burps….and let me tell you, it happens a lot!  Such a lady!


Here’s Kaylee’s “yawning face”.  Or maybe she’s laughing…I can’t tell.  Ok, she’s yawning.  But I’m just going to pretend that she’s laughing at a really funny joke I just told.  What’s the joke, you ask?  Well, let me tell you!

How much does it cost for a pirate to get his ears pierced?   A Buccaneer!

Hahahaha…..ok.  That wasn’t that funny, I know.  I’m not a very good joke teller.  But Kaylee seems to think so, or at least that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself.


Here’s Kaylee’s “sniff the kitty” face.  This kitty happens to be Lacey, the one who was sick right before Steve and I left for our honeymoon.  Luckily she is now back to her normal, spunky self.


Here’s Kaylee’s happy face again…..she made a lot of these during this particular photo shoot as I was trying to make different noises and faces so that she’d react how she normally does when there isn’t a camera stuck in her face.


Steve was trying to help by making funny sounds too, and Kaylee was a little confused as to what was going on.


She seems a little unsure about giving her daddy a kiss.


“Your lips smell good, Daddy!  What did you just eat?  Oh, a wonderfully delicious dinner cooked by Mommy?  No wonder they smell so good!  Mommy is such a great chef!

Why thank you, Kaylee!  You’re too kind.

Whenever you want Kaylee to give you a kiss, she more just sniffs your lips than kisses you.  I guess that’s a good thing, because Camelot will lick you right on the mouth with that huge St. Bernard tongue, and I don’t know how much of that I could handle.


Here’s the face I was looking for!!!!!  Kaylee makes this face whenever she’s confused about something.  She’ll be panting (because that’s what big, hairy dogs do in an environment that is not at winter temperatures), and then if we make a weird noise, or she sees something that is confusing, she’ll close her mouth but her tongue will still be sticking out.  It’s the most hilarious face that she makes and it cracks me up just looking at it!  I think I’m gonna need some lotion.

Get it?  Cracks me up.  Need lotion……………..Is this thing on?


I know I’m cute, Mom, but can you stop taking pictures of me now?



If you’ve seen the movie Up you’ll get that reference.  If not, well then, I can’t help you.


Those are just a sampling of the many faces Kaylee makes on a daily basis.  She makes more facial expressions than any dog I’ve ever known.  She definitely has a special personality, and its fun to try to figure out what she’s thinking.  We love you Kaylee!  Our lives would not be complete without you in it.

  • aunt Sally said:

    As a multi, variable type pet owner, there are no words. We just love...

  • aunt Sally said:

    I just have to add, besides being a beautifully photographed pictorial, this is such an hysterically funny blog - everything about it. I can really picture (hear) you as a talk show host, radio or tv. Might be something to look into, sweetie! Love you!

  • So cute!! She is also a very cooperative doggie posing for all those pictures. :)

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