I Turned 25 Today

Today was my birthday!  I’m now a quarter of a century old.  Isn’t it amazing how fast the time goes by?  Sometimes I feel like I’m still in high school, although, there seems to be a lot less drama now.  Also, I have a lot more responsibilities now than I did then.  I’ve got a house to take care of, animals to feed and clean up after, and well….my honey falls into those categories as well, but now I have someone to love and who loves me back.  Someone I can share my hopes and dreams with, as well as my fears and annoyances.

Steve let me stay home from work today to work on my curtains, which was so nice of him.  We own our own electronic cigarette company for those of you who are wondering why Steve would be the one to decide if I could stay home or not.  It definitely is nice being your own boss!

I was able to fully complete 4 curtains, and now I only have 2 left!  Then all we’ll need to do is order the patio furniture from Home Depot and we’ll be all set!  I can’t wait to see what it looks like!  We’re trying to decide between these 2 furniture sets:

Tan Patio Furniture

Blue Patio Furniture

I like the blue, I just need to make sure my pillows will match it.  If not, I’m fine with the tan.  I couldn’t believe how cheap…..I mean inexpensive….they both were!  Almost all of the patio furniture we had seen before these were at least $999.  So $299 and $399 is quite a steal for a 4 piece furniture set!  And they offer free shipping!  Can’t beat it!

My love gave me these beautiful earrings for my birthday.  They’re aquamarine (my birthstone) and diamond.  And yes, “He went to Jared.”

We went out to dinner with our best friends Rustin and Elizabeth and Elizabeth gave me my veil as a birthday present!!!  This obviously isn’t a picture of it, but it’s the same style.  Cathedral.  LOVE IT!  I tried it on when I got home, and good news…..it fits!!!  :-)

In other news……I’M GOING TO MEET THE PIONEER WOMAN THIS WEEKEND!!!!!  If you’ve never heard of her you should check out her blog The Pioneer Woman.  She’s doing a book signing at Borders in Atlanta, and Steve and I are making the 4.5 hour trek out there.  Hey, this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m not going to miss it!  I’m literally on her website every day.  I can’t get enough!  She lives on a ranch with her husband “Marlboro Man” in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma.  She’s written a cookbook, a romance novel telling the story of how she and her husband met and fell in love, and a children’s book about her lovable basset hound, Charlie.  She blogs about everything that goes on at her ranch, homeschooling her 4 children, photography, and hundreds of recipes.

Another highlight of our trip to Atlanta will be visiting the Ikea!  We don’t have one here in Nashville, and we haven’t been to one since we lived in California, so it’ll be fun to see what they have.

Well that is the summary of my birthday!  I’ll let you know how the trip to Atlanta goes when we get back on Saturday.  I can’t wait!  Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on facebook.  You all made me feel very special!

  • Rachel Lawrence said:

    I like the blue set the best! Tell Steve he did good with Jareds! Beautiful!

  • Pam Pentland said:

    I like the blue set the best, too, but the tan is very pretty. Your pillows will go well with both! Are you sure that they are not $299 for each piece? That price sounds too good to be true!
    Your earrings are just lovely -- like you, sweetheart!

  • Aunt Sally said:

    Blue set, definitely. And, LOVE the earrings! Way to go, Steve.

  • Marina said:

    Happy belated birthday! And I am TOTALLY jealous that you get the meet the Pioneer Woman!!!!!!!! She has never done a book signing north of the border :( I hope you get some pictures you can share!

    • Yes I'll definitely be taking some pictures. I'm so excited to meet her! I wonder how early I need to get there. I've heard that her book signings are usually pretty crowded.

  • Molly M. said:

    Hi!! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)
    I remember seeing your boyfriend sitting in that chair! I think it was because I was standing like right there next to him for a bit and I didn't want to trip and land on him! haha

    Can't wait to see your pictures!!! It was so much fun!

  • Molly M. said:

    Oh and belated happy birthday!!! What an awesome Birthday present to meet Ree!

    • Thanks so much! Yes, it was a great birthday present! I'll be uploading pics shortly!

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